Tatonetti Lab pre-releases NSIDES

An updated version (NSIDES pre-release v0.1) of our OFFSIDES/TWOSIDES databases is now available. As with the previous versions, this database contains adverse drug effects for single drugs (OFFSIDES) and drugs used in combination with others (TWOSIDES). This version (v0.1) of OFFSIDES contains adverse event predictions for over 9 million drug-event pairs from 3,394 drugs and 17,552 adverse events. Approximately 125,000 of those drug-event pairs are statistically significant (~36 significant adverse events per drug). For TWOSIDES, over 222 million drug-drug-event triplets are evaluated with 5.7 million significant putative drug interactions. The full release of NSIDES will contain drug-drug-drug and higher order interactions of drugs as well and is currently being computed. The data are made available in csv format and as an MYSQL database dump.

Read all the release documentation on the nsides-release github repository.

Download the data.

Thanks to Dr. Rami Vanguri for leading the project and Michael Zietz for organizing the release data and information!