Downstream effects of targeted proteins is essential to drug design. We introduce a data-driven method named DATE, which integrates drug-target relationships with gene expression, protein-protein interaction, and pathway annotation data to connect Drugs to target pAthways by the Tissue Expression. Links drugs to tissue-specific target pathways. 467,396 connections for 1,034 drugs and 954 pathways in 259 […]


G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are central to how cells respond to their environment and a major class of pharmacological targets. We developed a data-driven method named GOTE, that connects Gpcrs to dOwnstream cellular pathways by the Tissue Expression. Links G-protein coupled receptors to tissue-specific molecular pathways. 93,012 connections for 213 GPCRs and 654 pathways in 196 […]


The world’s first comprehensive knowledge base for therapeutic uses of venoms. As of its original release, contains 39,000 mined from MEDLINE describing potentially therapeutic effects of venoms on the human body. Links venom compounds to physiological effects.  39K venom/effect associations in three databases available for download. Code available on GitHub.