Off-label and polypharmacy side effect databases

The Offsides database is a resource of 438,801 off-label -- those effects not listed on the FDA's official drug label -- side effects for 1332 drugs and 10,097 adverse events. The average drug label lists 69 "on-label" adverse events. We list an average of 329 high-confidence off-label adverse events for each drug. For comparison, the SIDER database, extracted from drug package inserts, lists 48,577 drug-event associations for 620 drugs and 1092 adverse events that are also covered by the data mining. OFFSIDES recovers 38.8% (18,842 drug-event associations) of SIDER associations from the adverse event reports. Thus, OFFSIDES finds different associations from those reported during clinical trials before drug approval.

Download the OffSIDES databases.

Download the side-effect similarity scores.

The Twosides databases is a resource of polypharmacy side effects for pairs of drugs. This database contains 868,221 significant associations between 59,220 pairs of drugs and 1301 adverse events. These associations are limited to only those that cannot be clearly attributed to either drug alone (that is, those associations covered in OFFSIDES). The database contains an additional 3,782,910 significant associations for which the drug pair has a higher side-effect association score, determined using the proportional reporting ratio (PRR), than those of the individual drugs alone.

Download the TwoSIDES database.

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