Disease Heritability Inferred from Familial Relationships Reported in Medical Records

“The team was pleased to find that height, obesity, diabetes, acne and sickle cell anemia all came out within a few percentage points of more traditional research studies. The data set also offered potential heritability data for about 400 items that had not previously been examined this way, including sinus infections, tooth decay, irregular menstruation and thyroid disorders.”
‘Will You Be My Emergency Contact?’ Takes On a Whole New Meaning May 17, 2018, Continue Reading

“Hoping to explore the genetics of drug reactions, graduate student Fernanda Polubriaginof and others working in the lab of biomedical informatics researcher Nicholas Tatonetti at Columbia University wanted to determine whether patients at the school’s affiliated NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital were related.”
Family trees hidden in medical records could predict your disease risk, May 17, 2018, Continue Reading

“Going to the hospital means filling out forms, and somewhere on that form is a place to list an emergency contact, with name, address, phone number, and relationship just in case. A study published Thursday in Cell found a novel use for that information.”
Researchers mine emergency contacts to discover genetic clues to disease, May 17, 2018, Continue Reading

“Because many people use relatives as their contact person and that contact might list another relative or next-of-kin information on their own forms, researchers from Columbia University and elsewhere were able to generate 223,000 family trees connecting blood relatives using electronic health record data from 3.5 million patients at three medical centers in New York.”
Family Ties, May 17, 2018, Continue Reading