Data-driven prediction of drug effects and interactions

“An algorithm designed by US scientists to trawl through a plethora of drug interactions has yielded thousands of previously unknown side effects caused by taking drugs in combination”
Drug data reveal sneaky side effects, March 14, 2012, source

“… researchers have shown thousands of previously unknown side effects caused when some drugs are taken in combination …”
Good Apart, Bad Together, March 15, 2012, source

“There’s always that part at the end of drug commercials that goes something like: if you develop sausage fingers, webbed feet, or a three-week erection, call your doctor! But as exhaustive as those auctioneer-style lists sound, they barely scratch the surface when it comes to the side effects people are actually experiencing.”
Drugs Cause About Five Times More Side Effects Than We Realized, March 15, 2012, source

“It’s a funny thing about clinical trials: they’re set up so that all the subjects taking the drug in question are totally healthy in every other respect and on no other medications. It’s the only way to see if the drug has an effect, but as soon as people start taking it in the real world, well… let’s just say that most patients don’t measure up to the pristine condition of clinical subjects.”
Analysis of Drug Database Reveals Thousands of Potentially Dangerous Interactions, March 15, 2012, source

“Un grupo de investigadores ha disenado metodos computacionales para predecir las interacciones entre medicamentos y sus consecuencias adversas …”
Predicen con algoritmos los efectos secundarios de mezclar farmacos, March 15, 2012, source