TLab moves to LA 🏖️

I’m excited to share that I have joined the faculty at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles as Vice Chair of Computational Biomedicine and Associate Director of the Cancer Center! My group will continue to advance state-of-the-art of drug side effect and DDI research, biomedical data mining and AI, and translational bioinformatics. In addition, these leadership positions […]

OnSIDES v2.0.0 Released

The second major release of OnSIDES (On-label SIDE effectS resource) is now available at and This version contains significant model improvements and a simpler data structure. The result is significantly improved performance metrics (F1=90, AUROC=92, AUPR=95) at extracting adverse reactions from the FDA structured product labels. Thanks to all the TLab members that […]

Pediatric drug safety featured on cover of Med

Pediatric drug safety lags behind due to challenges in running clinical trials that include children. TLab member, Nicholas Giangreco led the development of novel methods to improve the drug safety landscape in children as part of his dissertation work. His final paper, published in the August 12th issue of Med, is now available and presents […]

OnSIDES, side effects extracted from FDA Structured Product Labels

OnSIDES (ON label SIDE effectS resource) is the newest member of the NSIDES family. The initial release (v01) of the OnSIDES database of adverse reactions and boxed warnings extracted from the FDA structured product labels. All labels available to download from DailyMed ( as of April 2022 were processed in this analysis. In total 2.7 […]

Introducing the new

The Tatonetti Lab has just launched a new site to serve as the home for our growing list of resources on drug safety. The new site will serve as the official resource launching platform for OnSIDES, OffSIDES, TwoSIDES, ManySIDES, and the newest member KidSIDES. Read more about these drug safety resources and how to […]