Birth Month Affects Lifetime Disease Risk: A Phenome-Wide Method

“By delving into the extensive database of patients seen at Columbia Medical Center over 14 years, beginning in 2000, Tatonetti and his team did a first-of-its kind look at whether birth month has anything to do with disease risk.”
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“Mary Regina Boland, Nicholas Tatonetti and other researchers at the Columbia University Department of Medicine examined records for an incredible 1.75 million patients born between 1900 and 2000 who had been treated at Columbia University Medical Center. Using statistical analysis, they combed through 1,688 different diseases and found 55 that had a correlation with birth month.”
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“The Columbia researchers also found that one in 675 occurrences of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) could relate to being born in New York in November, which matches a Swedish study showing the highest rates of ADHD in November babies.”
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“The results of this study should be interpreted carefully, researchers said. For one, the study only examined data collected from one hospital in New York City; therefore, health data may be skewed due to New York’s climate. Furthermore, sick patients tend to be overrepresented in electronic health records, because, well, they are visiting the doctor more often.”
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“Columbia University scientists compiled the birthdays and medical records of patients from New York City databases and found that people with May birthdays may have the healthiest outcomes, while people born in October might be at the highest risk for certain diseases.”
Birth month may correlate to some diseases (bad news, October), June 8, 2015, Continue Reading

[VIDEO] “Some people swear by the predictive powers of zodiac signs. And while there’s no scientific evidence to support Capricorns having better luck with Scorpios, this guy says the month you’re born in could make a difference in your future health.”
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