Data-Driven Precision Pharmacology

We are making drugs safer through the analysis of data. Everyday millions of us or our loved ones take medications to manage our health. We trust in these prescriptions to improve our lives and give us hope for a healthier future. Often, however, these drugs have harmful side effects or dangerous interactions. Adverse drug reactions are experienced by millions of patients each year and cost the healthcare industry billions of dollars. In the Tatonetti Lab we use advanced data science methods, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to investigate these medicines. Using emerging resources, such as electronic health records (EHR) and genomics databases, we are working to identify for whom these drugs will be safe and effective and for whom they will not. Browse our databases, contribute to our projects, and join us on this journey to make precision pharmacology a realty.

OnSIDES v2.0.0 Released

November 14, 2022

The second major release of OnSIDES (On-label SIDE effectS resource) is now available at and This version contains significant model improvements and a simpler data structure. The result is significantly improved performance metrics (F1=90, AUROC=92, AUPR=95) at extracting adverse reactions from the FDA structured product labels. Thanks to all the TLab members that contributed to this release, including Cindy, Dhvani, Pietro, and Jason!

Pediatric drug safety featured on cover of Med

August 12, 2022

Pediatric drug safety lags behind due to challenges in running clinical trials that include children. TLab member, Nicholas Giangreco led the development of novel methods to improve the drug safety landscape in children as part of his dissertation work. His final paper, published in the August 12th issue of Med, is now available and presents a comprehensive look at the unique pediatric drug safety signals he discovered.

Med, which is Cell Press’s flagship medical journal, has featured Nick’s work on the cover of the latest issue of their journal. Find out more about our study and check out all the articles in the issue here:

Introducing the new

May 17, 2022

The Tatonetti Lab has just launched a new site to serve as the home for our growing list of resources on drug safety. The new site will serve as the official resource launching platform for OnSIDES, OffSIDES, TwoSIDES, ManySIDES, and the newest member KidSIDES. Read more about these drug safety resources and how to access the code and data at