TLab dives into SARS-CoV-2 Research

As a (mostly) computational lab, we count ourselves lucky to continue our work without too much disruption during the pandemic. It is probably because of this situation and the fact that we all are part of a community hit hard by the virus, that we are feeling extra motivated to do what we can to […]

Congratulations to Dr. Thangaraj!

Phyllis Thangaraj, an MD/PhD student in the lab, successfully defended her dissertation entitled “Electronic health record-derived phenotyping models to improve genomic research in stroke.” Her work explores the use of machine learning methods to transform noisy binary indicators of disease status common in electronic health records to quantitative descriptors. Dr. Thangaraj’s central hypothesis is that […]

Tatonetti Lab pre-releases NSIDES

An updated version (NSIDES pre-release v0.1) of our OFFSIDES/TWOSIDES databases is now available. As with the previous versions, this database contains adverse drug effects for single drugs (OFFSIDES) and drugs used in combination with others (TWOSIDES). This version (v0.1) of OFFSIDES contains adverse event predictions for over 9 million drug-event pairs from 3,394 drugs and […]

Tatonetti Lab goes to Houston for ASHG 2019

Dr. Tatonetti and Phyllis Thangaraj will be presenting at the American Society for Human Genetics Annual Conference, Oct 15-19. Dr. Tatonetti will be giving an invited talk on the use of EHR data for genetic analysis in the session “What about the phenotype? Integrating Electronic Health Records to Drive Discovery in Precision Health” and Phyllis […]

Featured on Australian Radio

ABC (Austrialian Broadcasting Company) interviews Dr. Tatonetti for their Health Report podcast. We talk data science, electronic health records, and the importance of maintaining patient privacy when conducting large scale analyses. Click to listen.